When Apple first announced MacBook Air in 2008, I know it’ll be my only Mac. I didn’t force myself to get one immediately. There were many limitations with the first-generation MacBook Air. It needed time become mature enough to act as a primary machine. It happened sooner than I thought. Apple replaced MacBook’s role with MacBook Air in 2010. Since then, MacBook Air is getting better.

The right moment to get a MacBook Air was last year. The next moment is now. The latest MacBook Air is going to be the best non-retina MacBook Air you can get. Apple is aiming get all the their products retina-ready. We can expect Apple to prepare a retina-ready MacBook Air in less than 3 years with same price. It’s going to be one of the marvelous MacBook you can get when it happens.

I’ve always wished for a lightweight, fast, and simple MacBook. Simple is personal. By definition of simple, it should only contains what I need and eliminate all the unnecessary technology. I want a Mac where I can turn it on and start using without having to worry the hardware compatibility. I want a Mac where simplicity comes first and less holes to plug in stuffs.


I wouldn’t be hesitating to get a new Mac if I’ve allocated my funds carefully.1 After a few days of evaluation, I headed to the nearest store and get the new MacBook Air. My new primary machine is a 13” MacBook Air with 128 GB storage.

The only problem I might face sooner is the storage size. With Retina display becoming more ubiquitous in OS X environment, 256 GB will become the smallest required size to store all your photos and applications.

I’m planning to get a Retina MacBook Air when Apple can deliver it with the same price, or maybe slightly higher. Both applications and web technology should be able to support retina display in 2 years.

When buying a new gadget, I like to see how it will fit into my daily tasks. I’ll picture myself using the gadget. Because without a clear idea, the gadgets are likely to be left unnoticed. I’ve seen many cases where people buying a gadget without reason.

Using MacBook Air

The difference in speed between hard drive and flash storage is obvious. Running iTunes in my old MacBook requires several bounces while the new MacBook Air can run it without showing any bounces. No, my old MacBook is not slow. It’s just that the flash storage bring out the actual performance of processors.

Bringing MacBook Air out is less tiring than my old MacBook. The of a dictionary allows me to bring it everywhere easily. No one can dislike its portability, but I prefer to leave it at home.

MacBook Air is packed with 1440 x 900 pixels inside the 13” screen. Everything looks smaller. I noticed the difference when I ran Reeder in full screen. The ratio of sidebar and the content didn‘t look right. I find myself adjusting the width of each app after a while. The 1440 x 900 pixels in 13” screen is a perfect combination. I can view more stuffs under the same screen size.

Limited storage is not a big problem to me. I don’t collect, I consume. With that mindset, I can ruthlessly remove any songs and apps I don’t use anymore. If you take your time to browse your iTunes library, you can find many apps and songs you haven’t used in the last 6 months. With the small collection of photos, I’ve used 35 GB for everything so far. I think the number will add up with the accumulation of photos. But the rest is likely to remain the same.2

Flash storage lifespan is one of the most discussed topic among MacBook Air owners. Just like them, I’m also worried about the lifespan of flash storage. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry about it at all. After reading some studies, a flash drive with enough free space left last longer than the one with little free space. Even with daily heavy usage, you can expect flash drive to last more than 10 years.3

There is one thing I dislike from this MacBook Air. The MagSafe 2. It has the same T shape design like my old MacBook. It makes the cable more apparent with that design. L shaped MagSafe manages to hide the cable by allowing it to go directly to the back. I can’t do that with the T shaped design.

If I‘m allowed to banish one thing from all electronic products. It’s going to be cable.


MacBook Air is by far the best Mac I’ve seen from Apple. It’s lightweight, portable, with great performance and gorgeous design. If Apple keeps building a great product similar to MacBook Air, I can see myself getting a next new MacBook Air in few years.

  1. I’ve learned the importance of having emergency fund. Allocating a reasonable sum of income can help you cope up with unexpected expenses. 

  2. I store all videos in external drive. 

  3. People usually get a new laptop every ±3 years.