There is one app with interface that I love to hate. The precious app that I run all the time to play music known as iTunes is the app with most modification in term of interface. The icon doesn’t match my taste and the user interface is too boring for daily use.

So I search for modification for the user interface and find this one particular sophisticated mod.

Minimal iTunes List

iTunes Minimal Hybrid

As you can see from the screenshots above, the icons are more simple without the border. It gives the embedded texture while keeping the interface clean from distraction.

Another important mod for this theme is the redesigned scrollbar for the list items. The scrollbar is similar to the scrollbar in iOS devices which feature a nice dark line.

While this theme is very well made, I can’t say it doesn’t come with bugs. If you turn on the iTunes sidebar, it actually use the default system scrollbar which doesn’t match well with the whole theme. However, it won’t be a problem if you don’t use the sidebar regularly like me.

I’m going to post a step by step installation instruction here while keeping your iTunes safe from broken theme.

There are several things you need to keep in notes before proceeding to installation process:

  • Make sure you have the latest iTunes or at least iTunes 10.2.1
  • The theme might overlap with your other mod. So make sure you have the installation for other mod to ensure everything back to normal.
  • Make sure the iTunes is not running.
  1. Download the latest iTunes mnml by Joagil from his deviantart page.

    Show Package Contents

  2. Follow the instruction on his page or simply follow mine. Find the iTunes app and right click the icon to show the package contents as shown in the screenshot.

  3. Navigate through to the folder called “Resources” and find a file called “iTunes.rsrc”.

    iTunes Package Contents

  4. The “iTunes.rsrc” is the file that you’re going to replace later with your downloaded mod. Backup this file by copy it and paste to your defined location. To simplify, I usually backup the original file within the package by pasting it along with other folders inside contents like the screenshot.
  5. Once you’re done with the backup, you can copy the mod “iTunes.rsrc” file you downloaded earlier from deviantart and overwrite the file inside the “Resources” folder.

If you want to restore your iTunes interface to the original one, you can easily do it by replacing the “iTunes.rsrc” file with the backup you did earlier.

You can always ask me question if you encounter any problems using the contact form at the sidebar or simply say hi. I hope you enjoy this mod.