There is always a way to craft an app that is both stylish and simple. A good design is not always how it works, but it also requires an enticing user interface.

Light 2 for iPhone

Light 2 is the most stylish flashlight app I’ve seen in App Store. It’s rare to see developers put their heart into making beautiful UI for simple tool such as flashlight app. In fact, I haven’t installed any flashlight apps yet. I honestly appreciate the effort that Jason Ting, the creator of Light 2, has put into by bringing this app to iPhone.

The first time you run the app, Light 2 will present a realistic round button to turn on flashlight. There are 3 modes available: SOS Mode, Flashlight Mode, and Strobe Mode. Each with its specific function that you can use to increase survivality. You can adjust the brightness level with the top slider. With Strobe Mode selected, the duration of flashing can be changed by moving the bottom slider. Of course, if you prefer to only have flashlight feature, there is a setting to turn off mode selector.

Light 2 is available on App Store for free with built-in ads. You can show your support by removing the ads with in-app purchases.