Sites I love are Twitter and Tumblr. Sites I hate is Facebook. So from the hates and loves, I get Illusionary.

Illusionary requires your username, email, password to sign up. That’s all we need. You can delete your account completely with a simple email verification.

What does this app do? Let’s pretend you’re having a great meal in one of the restaurant near your house, and you want to your friends to visit this place when they’re around that place. What would you do? Leave a note or signboard so they can see them when they’re nearby.

Wait, it seems there is a similar service somewhere. I forgot the name, but yes, it exists.

So, let’s say you’re enjoying your vacation in Japan. You enjoy walking, so you use public transportation and venture around the city. It’s unexpected, but you discover a small waterfall somewhere right now. Let’s leave another note so the next time your followers visit this place, they can drop by that small waterfall.

I respect privacy. So, there is no need to show the number of followers in your profile to other people. By default, your account is private. So, every follow request requires your confirmation. Sounds complicated? Nope, unless you want others to stalk you. But wait. You don’t mind using Foursquare, do you?

Talking about privacy, if your account is set to private, other users won’t be able to see your profile in your followers’ “Following” section. Make this account just for your friends.

Fashion bloggers, cuisine hunters, or gadget geeks. Feel free to create a public account and treat it as common blog. But this time, we’re making it location based. Your followers can only see the notes you leave when they’re near the notes. Sounds great? Maybe we can have a simple Love or Hate button for your notes to determine its popularity.

We don’t have mention, direct message, or retweet. That’s it, the interaction is between you and your followers. Your followers can only love or hate your notes. I love spontaneity, that means you can only post your notes from your current location.

Shop owners. Why bother tweet your promotion to your followers who are far away from your shop? How about leaving notes to your followers that you’re having a 50% discount today. They’re just around your shop, very close, just a few minutes of walk.

I don’t mind sharing this idea. It’s not like I’m the first one to come up with this idea, what matters is the implementation.

FYI: This post was written few months ago. I discovered it while browsing through drafts and decided to publish it anyway. Silly idea is better than having no ideas.