Maple Leaf

Most of this site visitors are the people who are looking for the blog about minimal lifestyle. Well, the good news is this blog is really about minimal lifestyle. However, it is the composition of technology, music and lifestyle. It is more about me and my insights.

Therefore, I’ll mention some of the blog I read frequently which is about lifestyle and human thinking. I have some tips and suggestions to ensure that you will not be the victim of information overload.

Less Than Three

I used to read many blogs. As the result, I felt overwhelmed by those information. So I decided to strap down the blogs I read from 10 to 3. And the result is refreshing. I can concentrate better and understand the purpose of each posted articles.

Subscribe by Email

It is better to subscribe by email.

Subscribing via RSS is not recommended if you’re not a tech savvy. You might have problem starting up or you will mess up your configuration without your acknowledge. It is not a big deal, but why create problem for yourself?

The best thing to subscribe by email is you will be notified faster and you are likely to read the article. The choice is yours.

Mild Tea of Minimalist Lifestyle Blogs

Visit the blog and if you like their post, subscribe to them.

  • Minimal Mac - It is about Mac, but without doubt you can find countless of idea on being minimalist
  • Zen Habits - You will love this blog.