This is not paid review. The developer kindly contacts me and request a review which coincidentally included in future posts. So I move forward the schedule and post it sooner.

Flexiglass Configuration

The first thing that catch my attention is the configuration interface. The well designed user interface explain all Flexiglass features without having user to explore deep further. This is very important because most people avoid app with complicated configuration.

I disable dock and menubar icon because the size doesn’t match my desktop layout - the dock and menubar icon is not ugly, but it can get better.

Flexiglass Maximize

The maximize animation is very smooth with its light gradient on every edge. You don’t need to adjust the opacity, the default itself fits perfectly with my desktop wallpaper, especially monochrome wallpaper.

Now, let’s talk about some important features. Aside from the window snapping ability, Flexiglass adds the ability to quit your app by clicking the close button at title bar. It is certainly a feature some people prefer to have over their computing habit.

Another key feature is the ability to resize and move windows without having to click and hold titlebar. You can move or resize window by holding option+right/left mouse click on any active window. To understand how they work, I suggest you to download Flexiglass and use the 15 days trial.


Aside from the Flexiglass, there are other apps such as BetterTouchTool, Cinch, Divvy, and more. The question is “Which one match your need?” — the one that matches and fits your workflow.

Flexiglass is a complete windows snapping app, it provides basic snapping feature and shortcuts configuration to fill from half to quarter of window screen. It enhances the titlebar controls with ability to quit and fully maximize window. It is for you who need complete features snapping app with simple configuration user interface.

Purchase Flexiglass ($9.99)