I’ve been using this Evernote workflow to search notes in Alfred. It’s a powerful workflow with advanced features to create, manage, and search notes in Evernote, but it requires the Evernote app to be active all the time. The only feature I need from the workflow is the feature to search notes from Alfred even when Evernote is inactive.

I keep Evernote idle most of the time. Most of the notes in my Evernote account are automatically created when I highlight a passage of text in Instapaper, save an article from Safari, or send an except inside iBooks. I don’t have to open Evernote unless I need to search for notes as references.

Evernote Notes in Spotlight

When I was trying Spotlight after OS X Yosemite release, I noticed that Evernote’s notes show up in the search result although Evernote is inactive. Apparently, Evernote creates a list of documents which can be indexed by Spotlight known as Evernote Note Metadata. By default, Alfred doesn’t include Evernote Metadata as identified documents so you won’t be able to search it from Alfred. You can easily add it in the search result by dragging com.evernote.Evernote folder into Alfred Search Scope. You can find that folder in this path:


Now you can use the find and open keywords to search for the Evernote notes with Alfred.

Make sure to reindex the folder that contains Evernote’s notes. You can do it by dragging the com.evernoteEvernote folder into Spotlight Privacy setting. This’ll remove the notes from Spotlight index. You can then remove the folder, so Spotlight will start reindexing the notes. You’ll notice that the CPU usage will be around 35% in Activity Monitor. It’s normal. It’s a sign that mdworker is reindexing the notes.

There is one small problem with this setup though. If you open the notes from Alfred, the revealed notes will automatically activate the search panel and mess up the window. The solution for this problem is telling Alfred to open the notes with Finder which you can do by creating a custom search for Evernote’s notes.

Evernote Search

The preview above shows the custom workflow I’ve created to search for the notes stored in Evernote folder. It’s a straightforward workflow which you can build quickly in Alfred without having to write your own scripts. If you’re like me who only need a simple workflow to quickly search for notes in Evernote, you’re definitely going to love this workflow.

Download Evernote Search