Safari 5 implemented extension feature which attracting many user to switch browser. So why the heap over the browser which doesn’t even reach 5% of the browser market share?

As you might don’t know, most of the developers tend to create a highly beautiful and elegant application for Mac OS X, this time with the extension. We can highly anticipate what the developer will bring us.

I’m going to share one plugin and one extension which are highly recommended if you’re Google Reader user.

Beautify Your Search with Glims Safari 5 Plugin

If there is one plugin that I must not miss when I install Safari 5, it is this marvelous plugin called Glims. I searched for many plugins once I switched to Safari and none of the plugin can offer a stable and neatly integrated into Safari 5.

Safari Glims

So what can Glims do?

The best feature is the Search Suggestion plugin which work equal to Fastestfox if you’re one of the Fastestfox user. Once you type your keyword into search box, it’ll display the most related result from Google.

Safari 5 doesn’t offer last saved tabs feature. Glims also offer this feature for you who miss it. If there is one thing that I dislike from Glims. It is possibly the About Glims when you click the Safari on menu bar.

Auto Loading Next Page

I bet you really miss the feature for loading next page automatically in Safari 5. Although it is not covered in the Glims plugin, you can have this feature by installing the AutoPagerize extension. You’ll need to enable your extensions first before installing it.

Snow Leopard Theme for Google Reader

Some of you might ask how I get Snow Leopard theme for Google Reader. It is the compilation of scripts that modify the theme previously on Firefox. Now it has become the Safari Extension which can be installed easily.

The most important thing is not to install plugins that you rarely make use of it. Customize your browser to fill your needs by looking at what you usually do with your browser. Feel free to look and find more Safari Extensions.