I’ve shown you one of the most minimal and beautiful iTunes theme before in one of my writings. Many of you might have a love and hate relationship with iTunes which is both powerful and memory consuming.

Introducing Ecoute 2, a minimal and lightweight music player for day to day music junkie. Ecoute 2 is developed by PixiApps to cater your needs who only want a music player that play music.

Luxury Feel

Ecoute 2 Genres View

Ecoute 2 manages to put all the controls inside one small window. The dark navigation bar adds a touch of elegant and luxury feel to Ecoute 2. It makes use of all element without making it looks bloated with buttons and icons. You can switch between Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Podcasts easily by hitting the selection in titlebar. The progress bar at the bottom provides both control and indicator for the current playing track.

Simple, User Friendly, and Powerful

Despite the simple interface, Ecoute 2 proves to be very powerful enough for controlling your music. Taking equalizer aside, you can browse your library like how you browse your iTunes library. Search results are divided into several sections from albums, artists, and tracks. There aren’t many shortcuts, you’re likely to only use CMD+F, Tab, and Esc to navigate Ecoute 2.

Ecoute 2 Search View

There are many gems in Ecoute 2, so let me break down all of them one by one.

  • It syncs with your iTunes library so the play counts, ratings remains the same whether you choose to play with Ecoute or iTunes. Ecoute 2 is basically a simple version of iTunes.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm integration make sharing and scrobbling easy. The simplicity have all your social networking accounts in one place.
  • Customizing your theme with their built in theme center. They’re currently working on the theme center where you can show off your designing skills using CSS and Javascript.
  • Use Apple Remote to control your music library.

Dock, Theme, and Menubar music selection. Not only shortcuts, you can control Ecoute in various ways. Some may prefer to pick song from the Dock, some may toggle between shuffling and repetition in Menu Bar.

Great Performance, Low Memory Usage

Ecoute 2 uses a very low memory usage of ±28 MB as compared to iTunes which uses ±80 MB. Despite the low memory usage, Ecoute 2 manages to execute all the feature smoothly without showing the sign of sluggish performance. However, I find that the music will become halted occasionally when there is heavy performance running in background (such as photo rendering).


Ecoute 2 is for you who cares only for music and dislike having music player taking up too much memory. There is 2 words to describe Ecoute 2. Small and powerful.