I can hardly tell the DragonDrop’s purpose from the its description. The developer describes DragonDrop as a utility that makes dragging and dropping easier on your Mac. One thing is true. The process of dragging and dropping on Mac is difficult. There are many times where I need drop the files into “Open File…” window and miss the hold state during the process.

Out of curiosity and also the due to the price drop from $4.99 to $1.99, I bought this app after using the trial. It does makes dragging and dropping easier on my Mac.

DragonDrop uses a very simple approach to ease up your life. It creates temporary holder whenever you shake your mouse cursor and allow you to drop anything you can drag out. That includes folders, images, and URL from the browsers. The use of shake movement to activate the holder is easier to remember compared shortcut. Not only the use of kinesthetic control makes everything easier, DragonDrop carefully take care of the user by showing the holder right beside where the cursor is activated.

If you’re fond of working with menu bar, DragonDrop also provides a way for you to drop the dragged files into its icon in menu bar. Personally, I prefer the shake approach compared to dropping in menu bar.

At the price of $4.99, DragonDrop may not suit everyone. While it does its task very well, I can hardly find anyone beside Mac power users enjoy using this app. If you’re not sure whether you’ll need this, you can download the trial from developer website.