You can’t deny the fact that some folks are having this question. Should I enable translucent menu bar? This is not a rocket science question, so it can be easily answered once you can identify your needs and personal taste.

First and foremost, I should tell you that I disable translucent menu bar.1 There are several reasons why I take this approach, but the most important reason is to balance the unity between the menu bar and every apps on my Mac.

Solid Menu Bar

Translucent Menu Bar

The picture above shows the clear difference between a translucent enabled and disabled menu bar with apps on top of windows. There is no translucent menu bar for the apps. Aesthetically, it breaks the unity between the menu bar and apps titlebar controls.2

Compare Menu Bar

Another reason why translucent menu bar doesn’t work well is during the menu selection. Even if you enable translucent menu bar, the highlight color and the expanded window menu is not translucent. Another reason for to disable translucent menu bar.

Are there any reasons for you to enable translucent menu bar?

If you don’t care the trivial matters mentioned and find a wallpaper that fit well with your translucent menu bar. Then having a translucent menu bar enabled is not a problem.

Finally, you can consider others opinion before deciding something. But in the end, make sure you enjoy your decision.

  1. You can disable it under Desktop > Screen Saver preferences. 

  2. Yes, the actual name is titlebar controls.