Command-C is a popular clipboard sharing app on OS X and iOS. You can read the in-depth review from Federico Viticci and learn to launch iOS actions from Mac with Alfred workflows from Eric Pramono. In this post I’m going to share an Alfred workflow that sends clipboard to another device.

Command-C is still new in the list of my favorite apps, but the moment I downloaded it on my iPad and Mac, I realized that it’s going to become one of my most used utility. Command-C for iOS lets me send clipboard between iPhone and iPad, and with Command-C for OS X I can send and receive clipboard between Mac and iOS devices.

Sending clipboard with Command-C is pretty simple. Pair the devices so it becomes available in the selection list, then tap the device name to send the system clipboard to selected destination device.

While the default setting works great, I hope there is a quicker way to send clipboard without having to tap the device name in the list first. Fortunately, Command-C supports x-callback-url which I can use in Alfred workflow. I create an Alfred workflow called Command-C that contains basic custom actions to send clipboard from Mac to selected iOS devices. There are three types of supported actions in Command-C, but you’re likely using only the action that sends system clipboard.

Command-C x-callback-url API Documentation: The other two actions lets you send a custom text as clipboard to other devices or send an URL and open it in default browser on Mac. More details »

Take a look at this workflow I create to send clipboard by typing cmc into Alfred. The first one will send the system clipboard to my iPad mini, meanwhile the second one will send an argument as clipboard to my iPad mini.

Command-C Alfred Workflow

For example, this is first URL that sends the system clipboard to the device named Espeon:


You can replace deviceIndex with deviceName as the option to choose your destination device — the first item in the list have the index of 0, so the new URL becomes:


The second action is the one that lets you send custom text as clipboard. The x-callback-url for this type of action is:


As you can see from the URL above, you can replace {query} with any value, or you can create your own script that calls this x-callback-url to launch apps that support x-callback-url on iPhone or iPad.

Command-C is useful for people who constantly need to send clipboard between Mac and iOS devices. Sharing screenshot with Command-C is much faster than the Dropbox setup, and you can avoid the tedious paste to Notes app whenever you want to copy a paragraph of text between Mac and iOS devices.

Download Command-C for Alfred Workflow