Realmac Software, the company behind popular to-do list app Clear, has decided to remove Clear+ from App Store and add universal support to the original Clear. This means the existing Clear+ customers won’t receive updates anymore and must buy the original Clear. To address this problem, Realmac Software is going to make Clear free for 24 hours twice in a next few weeks.

Use this chance to download Clear for free. Tell your friends to download it when it’s made free. It brings benefit to both parties.

The algorithm behind App Store Top 10 is simple — downloads. If you download Clear while it’s free, you help to bring awareness to the people who’ve never heard about Realmac Software. Clear will become the way for Realmac Software to show new customers who they are and what they build. Customers who love Clear for iOS might also buy Clear for Mac. Realmac Software loses the sales of Clear, but in return, they gains customers who love Clear.

This is a good opportunity to tell if you like the products built by Realmac Software. How to tell?

When you love a product from a company, you become the member of its community. You talk about it with fellow users. You recommend it to your peers. You teach people how to use it.