It seems the upcoming Lion comes with many hidden gems. One of them is the option to run Safari Browser Only Mode which is very similar to the Chrome OS made by Google. No more worrying about privacy when you friends borrow your Mac.

Lion will arrive this July, meaning that you won’t be able to get this feature unless you upgrade to Lion. Some of you might upgrade, some of you might wait. There is minimum requirements for this upgrade, so you need to confirm your Mac specifications.

Now, let’s talk about Snow Leopard. Soon, it’ll be history, or maybe not. Snow Leopard is awesome in its own term. Easy to use, carrying on the legacy from its previous ancestor. Looking at the Mufasa clouds, iCloud and Lion, reminds me of one of the scene in Lion King. Well, that’s unrelated. But we can have this Safari Mode in Snow Leopard easily. The screenshot below shows what you get.

Safari Mode


It’s not difficult, a few short explanation should give you the picture how I do it. Basically, you setup a guest account with parental control, enabling simple finder mode, and only allow Safari to be executed. Here are the detailed instructions.

Enable Guest Account to grant access for your family, your friends, and thief. I wrote about keeping your MacBook safe recently which required guest account. We’re going to tell the thief directly “Hey, you can use this MacBook to browse!”. You can do this by accessing System Preferences: Accounts.

Enable Guest Account

Configure Parental Controls to limit guest access to your apps and documents. There are several options available, but you should use the settings below and only allow your chosen browser. See other options for web access and time limits if you have children at home.

Snow Leopard Parental Control

Once you’ve done configuring, try the guest account yourself and experience this mode. Guest can only run your chosen browser and with Simple Finder, everything is made simpler and easier. I think my niece can even use this mode without my assistance. And, it can also help you to recover your stolen MacBook.