Become a Keyboard Maestro

What can you do after you’ve bought Keyboard Maestro? You definitely want to use it to automate everything that can be automated. The point is you want to save time!

Learning by example is the most practical way to learn new things. Keyboard Maestro itself has a lot of actions that require decent amount of time to master, and this book doesn’t try to teach you everything all at once. Instead, I’m going to show you some example of macros you can immediately use in your workflows.

You’re going to master each action little by little and build your way to create more complex macros to automate most of the tasks that churn away your time. The book will be brief, short, and cover most of the actions with a simple macro. Here are some of the macros that’ll be included as example in this book.

Macro Examples

  • Quick Find and Replace
  • Show Special Characters
  • Custom Shortcuts
  • Manipulate Clipboard
  • Timed Screenshot
  • Click Found Image’s Center
  • Activate VPN Automatically
  • Confirm Quit Action
  • More examples are coming soon

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How you can contribute to this book

It’ll be helpful if you can tell me what you wish to automate so I can build a macro that complete the task. Visit the contact page and send me an email with the detail of the task you wish to automate, then I’ll consider putting it as one of the example in the book.