I’ve just cleaned all unused files from desktop. I turn on Rdio as one of the Bowlet1 gradually appearing from the corner of the screen. It all thanks to Bowtie.

Bowtie is one of the most popular music controller you can find for OS X. It supports iTunes, Sonora, Spotify, and Rdio. It allows you assign shortcuts to control these music players from a single app. I’ve also shared some of my favorites Bowtie themes in 2011.

More themes are designed for the past two years. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the new release of Bowtie themes and finally select these four themes as listed below.

Unnamed Bowtie Themes

Unnamed is the Bowtie theme I’ve been using for the past two years. It’s originally designed by Thomas Günther, and further developed by Cory who added right corner position support.

I like how Unnamed make use of small height to display song title and song artist. By positioning itself at the bottom of the screen, the theme will blend with the black edge on MacBook Air screen, as if it’s part of the design. Keeping the dock visible all the time helps you see the current playing track by just taking a glimpse.

Passed Bowtie Theme

Passed is recommended if you prefer bolder and larger typefaces. The capitalized song title and song artist are perfect for larger screen. They also serve as a song indicator by filling up the transparency with solid white color. Best of all, you don’t need to find the matching wallpaper to see the beauty of this theme.

Embedded Bowtie Theme

Embedded Bowtie makes the cover looks embedded within wallpaper. The idea to combine album cover with the wallpaper is not new; you can find similar one in my previous roundups. However, Embedded is the only theme that can positioned almost everywhere on the screen without being obstrusive.

Neon 2.0 Bowtie Theme

Designed by Dmitriy Bourim, Neon is one of the best theme I’ve discovered so far. The round shaped glowing neon surrounding the album cover, also as song indicator, will fill up slowly as the song is being played. The song indicator doesn’t always work as expected though. The track I play from Rdio will finish sooner even though the indicator hasn’t reach the middle.

Unlike other themes, Neon requires a compatible wallpaper to make it glows beautifully. I find that dark wallpapers work well with Neon as you can see from screenshot above.

Bowtie can also show notification of playing song via Growl. I’ve covered some of the perfect dark Growl themes which you might find interesting.

  1. Bowlet is the term to describe the theme shown on the desktop.