Adium has always been my favorite IM client because of its support to many IM services and the ability to customize theme. I’ve shared my personalized theme using modifications crafted by several authors at DeviantArt and it remains one of the popular posts in this blog.

Adium Textured Theme

I’ve been browsing for Adium theme recently and discover some beautiful themes. This is one of the best textured based Adium theme I’ve seen so far. In this post, I’m going to share all the mods I’ve applied for this theme.

Birdie Dock Icon

I’ve never seen any Adium dock icon that is beautiful while still maintaining the original Adium mascot. Birdie is the dock icon crafted by Milos Mirkovic featuring a cute little green bird. The reason why I love this icon is the cute animation and how it resembles the Adium original dock icon. That is also the reason why I don’t like the idea of using iChat icon as the replacement for Adium icon.1

iDium Contact List Style

This is where I contradict with my previous statement. There are many contact list styles for Adium. But I find that the most suitable theme for this whole package of modification goes to iDium contact list style. Originally made by Pritthish and now maintained by gnome, they try to bring iChat user interface to Adium.

You can achieve the iChat UI by downloading iDium Beta mod. But in this case, we’re not going to use all the mod provided, instead we’ll only use the contact list style, and the plugin that modifies the input message style.

Taz Message Style

One of the best textured based message style. Also crafted by Pritthish, Taz uses the color combination found in Twitterrific with many details refined. Enable the header by navigate to Preferences: Messages: Show header. There is only one word to describe Taz, beautiful.

Toolbar Icon Update

Adium Toolbar Update

It’s not part of the mod, but if you find the existing Adium toolbar icons outdated and wish to replace with something new and shiny. Consider the mod made by Bogdan which is much much better than the existing one. I especially like the Appearance icon included inside the package. Download the mod if you’re interested.

Download This Theme

I’ve included all the links to all the mods I’ve used in this customization in each paragraph. If you prefer an easier way to customize theme without having to visit each site separately, I’ve included a package that contains all the files required to change your Adium theme, except the toolbar icons.


You can always ask me question if you encounter any problems.

  1. Using iChat icon as the replacement for Adium only add confusion instead of aesthetic beauty.