You probably have enabled AssistiveTouch so you can avoid pressing the home button. Now, think about it, what’s the point of using a phone where part of the screen is covered with a semi-transparent rounded square?

Here’s the TLDR version of this post. You can return to home screen without AssistiveTouch. Download Launcher and add Launcher widget in Notification Center’s Today view. Install Special Launcher called Home Screen. Now you can return to the home screen by accessing Notification Center.1

I’m not saying that you should avoid pressing the home button — I press the home button on my iPhone whenever I need it. There is no reason to hold back from pressing the home button because you’re worried it will shorten its lifespan.

Supercharge Today View with Launcher

The great thing with Launcher is that now I can launch my most-used apps from Notification Center.

There are two iOS features that you can access without having to press the home button. The first feature is the Control Center where you’re limited to the default settings like Camera, Night Mode, and Do Not Disturb Mode. The other one is Notification Center.

There is nothing you can do with the Control Center, so I’ll discuss how you can turn Notification Center into a powerful Launch Center with Launcher.

The first thing you do once you have downloaded Launcher is to upgrade to the Pro Version. It’s worth to spend this $2.99 if you wish to see the home button lasts longer. You can, however, skip the Multiple Widgets if you don’t see any needs for it.

The Pro Version adds more rows for to add launchers, choose the launcher icon size, and hide the label.

You’re probably unaware which apps you often use regularly. What I usually do is to check the battery usage by accessing Settings » Battery and get the list of apps that consume the most energy in the last 7 days.

The battery usage breakdown shows you how you have been using your iPhone.

The breakdown is the mirror of how the apps have been taking control of your attention, time, and energy. You’re either proud or ashamed of what you’re looking at now on the screen.2

Here’s a tip in choosing the type of launchers to include in the widget: shape the launchers you use the way you want to shape your habits.

If you want to become a better writer, put a writing app on the list. If you want to stay focused, remove distracting apps from the list. If you want to read more, put more reading apps on the list.

  1. The special launcher works by force-killing the Launcher application itself so iOS takes you back to the home screen. 

  2. I write this post for you who visit this site by searching “how to avoid using iPhone home button” on Google. I want to share with you this important message: own your iPhone, don’t let it own you