I followed Aaron Swartz on Twitter last year after seeing several mentions of him on my timeline. I realized at once that he was a person that everyone look up to, mainly due to his contribution to technology at a very young age. He co-wrote the RSS specification when he was 14 which we still use nowadays. He helped to improve popular Markdown I use to write this post. He was a gifted kid every adults want to nurture and protect. He was a genius.

But, it’s not that he was a genius that his family, his friends, and his followers to grieve over his death. It’s his belief and preserverance to put everything in action. There are many geniuses in this world, but there aren’t many who hold onto their beliefs like Aaron did. Losing him now is equal to losing the future he believes.

Before his death1, Aaron spent the past few years fighting against corruption and dedicated his time to popularize information freedom. He was charged with stealing protected information in one of his discovered attempts. No one in his right mind would take that kind of risk when he could build a popular service and spent his rest of days peacefully. Yet, he kept fighting.

Today we’ve lost a future because of depression. Depression is like a tangled wires in a brain. It’s complicated, messy, and deadly. Sometimes you just can’t solve it. It has to be left unnoticed so we can take a break.

As a family, a friend, and a partner. We can only be more honest with our feeling. Make them feel good about themselves. Let them know you enjoy their present. Let them know that they’re important. By doing so, we can let them know that they’re not alone with the tangled wires.

  1. Cory Doctorow has written a perfect story on Aaron’s death.