One app that turn the your Mac alive is Growl. Growl has been around since the age of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. It provides Mac OS X with notification system for apps that support it. It is easy and simple to use. It is unlikely to find a Mac without Growl installed these days.

The things I love from Growl is the style system where we can customize and change the notification appearance. Designers are crafting beautiful styles and combine it with Mac OS X beautiful user interface.

These are the styles I handpicked and personally recommend. Not many styles make it into this post since I choose only 4 styles.

HUD Growl Style

The best style ever made for Growl crafted by Rogie. Hud style uses the well polished combination of colors and achieve nice contrast between text and background. The reflection adds the depth that makes this style my favorite.

Mono Growl Style

Simple yet elegant. Mono style is carefully crafted by Christoper Lobay. The first sight of it reminds you of Hud style, but it is totally different with the line and less reflection. I’m sure some of you will prefer this over the Hud style.


MonoMini style is the mini version of Mono edited by Sturdy of DeviantArt. It is small but prevails the elegance found in Mono style.

Palm Style Growl

Palmstyle is the current active style on my lovely MacBook White. Samm, the active member of MacThemes, crafts this style based on Mono style mentioned. Palmstyle gives the feeling of solidness with the lines and shadow. It is consisted of two styles, animated and static. I personally prefer the static style.

If you see any Growl styles that you think should be listed here, send me an email by using the contact on the left or tell me on Twitter at @sayzlim.