Yellow Butterfly

It may not be possible for you to picture my writing environment right now. With windows widely open behind me making use of the moon reflection as the only source of light, surrounded by the vast amount of water with limited electricity, and the endless rain increasing the water level, I don’t think many properties are able to survive this flood.

Each house has their own system to keep water from getting in. Ours is simple. We have two small water pumps ready for use whenever flood arrives, pouring out the water each time it enters the lower level. Problem arises when the water level reaches the ground level. There is no way to keep the water from getting in unless you seal the gate. We take this matter into account and prepare another preventive step. Whenever the water level almost reaches the ground level, we’ll attach an iron plate to the gate, only letting a small amount of water getting in, maintaining a healthy water level inside the house. This system has proven to work every year.

However, I’m not sure about it this time.

We’ve attached two iron plates that heighten the ground level by 1 meter. Despite the increased height, I can see the water is already within my reach and probably will overflow the gate soon. The sound of the rain keeps getting louder. If it doesn’t stop, I’m sure we won’t hold out any longer.

But that doesn’t stop me from liking rain.

I love rain. I love it since I was a kid. I like to watch each little drop of water creating many ripples on the ground, on the lake, and on the roof. The tranquility brought by the sound and atmosphere is the work of nature. Whenever it rains, my mind becomes clear.

Before writing this, standing by the window on the third floor, I saw a yellow butterfly struggling between the heavy rain. Just like us who are facing this flood, other beings are also suffering the same state. As I watched closely to the yellow butterfly, it flapped its wing vigorously to maintain its balance and disappeared between the darkness of tree leaves.