Twitterrific 4 Font Customization

There are many things I love and hate about Twitterrific 4 for Mac. The simplicity and unified timeline is the main reason why I choose Twitterrific 4 as my twitter client. But, the font selection, especially the username font size has been bothering me for a while. Luckily, I manage to find the configuration files for the theme within the app.

If you navigate to Twitterrific app icon and show the package content. There are actually theme configuration files inside. All of them are ending with .plist extension which you can edit with any text editors.1 You can configure the theme to preferred style, such as font type and font size.

It looks daunting if you’ve never done CSS styling. But it’s a very simple configuration once you try it for a while. You can also customize the layout, color, and several miscellaneous theme related settings.

Twitterrific 4 for Mac Mod

To make this whole process easier, I’ve included my own customization for you to download. It doesn’t change much to the default theme, the most noticeable part is the username font size on the timeline.2


  1. Use Xcode or Dashcode if you have them installed. They provide user friendly interface.

  2. I like Ollie, but I don’t like the icon made by IconFactory. It’s too big for my dock, so I include a smaller icon inside the package.