Search Your Pinboard and Delicious Bookmarks with Shiori

It’s common for us to encounter many useful links while surfing the Internet. The most practical way to store those links is by using bookmarks feature provided in each browser. Keeping your bookmarks tied with a browser is not recommended though. You want to make sure the bookmarks can used interchangeably between browsers easily. That’s why services such as Delicious or Pinboard play an important role to keep your bookmarks safe.

Searching for bookmarks should be easy. I use Delibar intensively to store bookmarks and keep track of the bookmarks saved by the people I follow on Pinboard. The only drawback of Delibar is the price. If you’re a casual user looking for free alternative with similar quality to Delibar, Shiori might be your answer.

Shiori: Pinboard & Delicious OS X Client

Shiori is a Delicious and Pinboard OS X client that allows you to find and store bookmarks. The interface is gorgeous. It’s clearly inspired by iOS 7 with clean typography and blur background. Tags are clearly indicated by the colorful background while selected bookmarks will be highlighted.

I find Shiori’s performance is the best among existing Delicious and Pinboard OS X client. While Delibar might take up to 100 MB of RAM, Shiori only uses around 30 MB of RAM in background. Background app RAM usage is important, especially for machine with limited RAM such as MacBook Air.

You can assign shortcuts to Shiori to find and store bookmarks. However, shortcuts are limited. Avoid conflicting keyboard shortcuts by replacing caps lock key with hyper modifier key. It’s one of the most rewarding configuration you can make with your Mac.

Shiori’s fresh looks and performance manages to win me over from Delibar. Although I might miss the ability to manage bookmarks directly from Delibar, I find it’s more rewarding to keep the background process RAM usage as low as possible.