Safari Neue Tabs Mod

Stumbled Safari Tabs Collection by Koshic1 few days ago. The mod is impressive. It makes Safari tabs a lot more cleaner. Well, a picture tells a thousand words.

Safari Neue Tab Preview

I take a particular like to the Safari Neue Tab. The UI design gives out an entirely different experience if you’re new to it. But once you get a hang of it, it looks superb.

Safari Neue Tabs: Download

Update 2013-10-12: The mod doesn’t work in the latest Safari. But you can give it a try, the author might update it to ensure the compability with the latest Safari. The site is no longer available. But you still can download the mod from the link above.

  1. Visit Koshic’s site and take a look at his impressive works. It is made in HTML 5, so Safari 5 might have a slow problem to render it.