ReadKit the Best RSS Client for Mac

ReadKit 2.4 for Mac

Let me start this post by quoting my review of ReadKit six months ago:

ReadKit might not be the best reader app for Mac out there. But judging from the number of services they’ve added and improvements they’ve made this past few months make me realize that they do care what they build.

The latest major update has proven it. The problem with ReadKit before was switching between folder requires the key combination of Command-Arrow. Normally, we can use right and left arrow to navigate between folder and article list. They have fixed this navigation behavior.

ReadKit is known for its high CPU usage when syncing multiple accounts simultaneously. The new preferences now allows you to set the number of concurrent sync operations. This option can be used if you want to sync the feeds item faster.

The most welcoming feature is the rewritten folder and article list. You can tell that the performance has significantly increased — especially with the smooth animation when switching between folder. You can also see the transition between theme change.

If you need to view many items at once, ReadKit has added an option to change article list font size. This is extremely useful if you read in smaller screen. I prefer to choose the second smallest font size because it’s more readable than the others on my MacBook Air.

ReadKit is the best RSS client for Mac you can get right now.