Building Keyboard Maestro Macros Tips

You don’t have to know AppleScript or shell script to use Keyboard Maestro. The built-in actions have all the basic interactions covered. What you need is learning how to build useful macros that automate mundane tasks for you.

Keyboard Maestro Macro for Writers

I used to write a sentence over and over until I get it right. This approach is inefficient — I barely made any progress after spending few hours in front of the blinking cursor. I told myself that I should keep writing, ignore the spotted mistakes, and complete the first draft. This is the origin of this macro.

Dropbox as Online Backup

I recently scanned my MacBook Air’s hard drive to find out the number of free space. Well, I have about 80 GB free space left, but the number is dwindling down every day, largely because of my photos and videos setup. I keep an off-site backup in my external drive for those files, photos, and videos, however, they’re still occupying the main hard drive. Then I realize that Selective Sync in Dropbox could be the solution for this problem.

More Useful Alfred Workflows

While writing about the workflows directory Packal and the new released companion workflow Packal Updater, I discovered a few useful workflows to improve my computing experience — mostly about browser tabs, text editing, and accessing recently used files — that I want to share with everyone in this post today.