Übersicht: Lightweight GeekTool Alternative for Mac

GeekTool is a well-known application for displaying various information on the desktop. I was curious with this application. I searched for some geeklets (or widgets), installed them, and customized it to fit with my desktop. Everything was great until I saw the insane CPU usage in Activity Monitor. I removed GeekTool and started searching for a better alternative.

Keyboard Maestro Macro Examples

A reader asked me to share my macro library with him recently. I declined. Sharing the macros I use to copy the data from analytics to spreadsheet won’t give you a single clue on how to build a useful macro. Instead, I’m going to show you the type of macros you can build in this article.

Saving Notes with Evernote Web Clipper

You’re browsing the web every day and sometimes you discover words, images, or websites that are worth saving. That’s why it’s important to have the tool be ready all the time. Today I would like to talk about this tool: Evernote Web Clipper.

5 Beautiful Screen Savers for Mac

There are millions of gorgeous wallpapers available online, but only a few screen savers that actually look great on Mac. Among the screen savers I’ve tried, these are the most beautiful screen savers you can install on your Mac — Adobe Flash Plugin is not required.