Font Smoothing for Non-Retina Display

Font smoothing can dramatically change how font are rendered. You’ll see a major improvement in the looks and feels of apps by just turning on font smoothing, but with a simple command in Terminal, you can make the font on non-Retina display looks way better than the default setting.

Browser as Workspace

You know procrastination is wrong. You know that you shouldn’t waste time on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit during working hours. How can you avoid distraction and create an environment that boosts productivity? One of the tips I’ve been practicing is using a separate browser for personal and professional workspaces.

Evernote Search Alfred Workflow

I’ve been using this Evernote workflow to search notes in Alfred. It’s a powerful workflow with advanced features to create, manage, and search notes in Evernote, but it requires the Evernote app to be active all the time. The only feature I need from the workflow is the feature to search notes from Alfred even when Evernote is inactive.