Shrike: Safari Extension for Cleaner Twitter

The first thing I do whenever Twitter launches their redesigned webpage is searching for a Safari extension that hides the clutters . I avoid noises by hiding the trending topics. I decide who to follow from the Retweets and Discovery Tab — not from machine generated recommendations pasted over the sidebar.

Why I Ditched Instapaper

It was love at first sight. The moment I opened Instapaper, I knew this read later app is designed with words as the main lead of a play. Everyday I’m delighted with the details that made me feel like an honored guest in a coffee shop full of my favorite books and magazines.

Scratches as Memories

Admit it. You’re annoyed when you see a crack on your gadgets. If you deny it, try to create one on your iPhone.

As the result, we resolve to all kinds of protection for our gadgets. We buy cases decorated with colorful pattern, funny cartoon, and creative design. We apply screen protector, anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint. Protective cases are great addition to create variety in the uniformity of our gadgets. But protection shouldn’t sacrifice the beauty of original design.

Organize 1Password Accounts With Vaults

One of the problems after using 1Password for several years is all sensitive information are stored in there. Yes, from the Windows Live account I’ve never signed in, my brother’s Facebook recovered password that I’ve saved just in case he forgets again, and the router password I’ve configured for my sister. It’s no longer just about my accounts.