Replicate Ember Auto-Import Feature in Pixa

Ember has a feature called auto-import that lets you import images into library by just moving them into folders. This feature is especially useful because you can also tag the imported images automatically. While Pixa doesn’t have this feature, its open nature allows us to create a similar system with live folders and Hazel.

Detailed Time Tracking with RescueTime

How to measure productivity? How to tell if you’re productive? While you can limit the time spent on time-wasting sites, does that mean you’re productive? The only way to answer these questions is by tracking the time you work in front of computer.

Waste No Time

Most people treat time as infinite resource because they don’t have to earn it. So we’re caught in the sea of unlimited information and entertainment made possible with the Internet connection. If we track the time spent on each activity, we’ll be able to see our habits, and use it to encourage us to spend time wisely.

Terminology for Mac

Terminology is an indispensable tool for writers. It’s a dictionary, a thesaurus, a reference tool. Unfortunately, Terminology is only available for iPhone and iPad. There is no Mac version yet, but we can build one by ourselves.