More Useful Alfred Workflows

While writing about the workflows directory Packal and the new released companion workflow Packal Updater, I discovered a few useful workflows to improve my computing experience — mostly about browser tabs, text editing, and accessing recently used files — that I want to share with everyone in this post today.


Alfred iCloud & Safari Tabs

I rarely use iCloud Tabs, but when I do, I only open single tab. This workflow lets me access all the active tabs on all my iOS devices by entering tabs in Alfred. Enter alltabs to load all the iCloud Tabs in your default browser.

Download iCloudTabs Workflow

Search Safari and Chrome Tabs

Combine this workflow with iCloud Tabs and you become the master of tabs. Just as described in the title, this worklow lets you search for all the active tabs in Google Chrome and Safari. I often use both browsers at once: the former for work and the latter for personal. Not only you can search for the active tabs, but you can choose to close the tabs, instead of switching to it, by holding option on the selected result items.

Download Search Safari and Chrome Tabs Workflow

Edit with…

Alfred Edit With…

I used to be impressed with the Quickcursor made by Hogbay Software. This simple application allows you to copy the text you’ve selected, edit it with your preferred text editor, and paste it back to the original location seamlessly. It’s the tool developed for the people who is selective in their writing environment.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer available due to the sandbox limitation enforced by Apple. But not for Alfred Powepack owners. You can have the same feature by using this workflow called Edit with… by Carlos.

Select the text you want to edit and enter edit in Alfred. Choose your preferred text editor and make change to the selected text. Once you’re done editing, you can paste it back to the original location by entering pasteback. Speed up the process by assigning a keyword for each trigger.

If you’re an active forum member, you can even convert the text from Markdown to BBCode, and paste it back as result.

Download Edit With… Workflow

Last changed files

Alfred Last Changed Files

This workflow is unavailable in Packal, however, it’s one of the workflows you must install. How many times you’ve edited a file and realised that a further changes need to be made. Instead of searching the files with Alfred, you can use this workflow to show the recently edited files.

Enter recent to show the all the recently edited files, or filter the result by entering the filename or filetype as parameter. I suggest to change the shortcut to r to shorten the number of keystrokes to trigger this workflow.

Download Last Changed Files Workflow

Workflow Help Workflows

Alfred Workflow Help Workflows

A workflow made to help other workflows. It generates a help page with all the keyword triggers, shortcuts, and descriptions to save you time from visiting the workflow one by one in preferences. This is definitely the one you’ll need if you have lots of workflows installed.

Download Workflow Help Workflows