Minimal Twitterrific 4 for Mac

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning of it. You will realize that I rarely review an app.1 There are too many well written review articles out there. I am not one of those writers. I’m too good for these kinds of articles.2

I’ve been a Tweetie fans for so long that I don’t remember since when I started using it. Tweetie is a great app. However, it lacks some features I need. For instance, the ability to unfavorite a tweet.

Twitterrific 4 for Mac

Back to Twitterrific 4 for Mac. This app caught my attention recently because I saw a compact version on their website. It actually looks better than I thought.

The first time I launch the app, I’m so sure I will replace Ollie3 entirely. It’s not that I don’t like her, she just doesn’t fit well with his mates on the dock.

I setup my account and started to configure it to fit my needs. Some of the settings are very clear while some of them are ambiguous. I need to google how the Auto Refresh works, which actually show the interval between each refresh in seconds, before configuring it.

I prefer dark theme and there is no need for notification sound. Keep timeline on top is also unnecessary.

If you have large number of active followers. You better switch off “Show Mentions from Everyone” to cut down the distraction on your main timeline.

  • Show for Mentions – Check
  • Show for Messages – Check
  • Show in Menubar – Check
  • Show in Dock – Check

Finally, toggle the toolbar and sidebar from the window menu. Now I get the Twitterrific I want.

Learn the shortcuts and it becomes one of the apps I love. I can’t say that Twitterrific is perfect and suitable for everyone. But if you are the casual user who loves simple app and doesn’t mind navigating finder to upload your picture. Twitterrific is one of them.

  1. Alfred App is the only review I have written so far.

  2. I’m trying to be funny here. Hey! I’m trying.

  3. Ollie is the mascot of Twitterrific. I don’t know if it is he/she. But she is better off with “she”.