MacBook Air and Capacitive Buttons

Capacitive buttons make for a worse experience in all cases, even if they make the phone look sleeker. The capacitive button cult must be stopped.1

Keyboardless MacBook Air, no physical buttons. I’ve seriously considered the fact without physical click to provide feedbacks, it can be a painful experience.

Of course, that’s not all.

Unless you use your Mac without looking at the screen. The feedback you expect is not from the physical touch on the keyboard buttons. Instead, you expect the feedbacks from the screen.

The result was a design that required me to stop, take the iPod out of my pocket, look at the screen, carefully press the button I wanted, then verify that it worked onscreen, since there was no physical click to provide feedback.

The only feedback you expect from capacitive buttons is from screen. Therefore, implementing capacitive buttons as a keyboard is highly implementable.

And, the article is targeting phone in general. Therefore, capacitive buttons might works in some devices.2