How to Customize Firefox into Safari Alike

There are countless debate over which browser is the best. It is human nature to seek for the best, not to mention the best browser. If you’ve done some research, most of the people will vote for Firefox as the best browser. If you’re a new Mac user and prefer Firefox as your default browser but wish it looks more Safarish. Then keep reading on.

Safari Fox

Customizing Firefox is easy to follow because of the simplicity of addons. The problem is you have to search and test many addons before you can achieve the result. So I’ll list most of the compatible addons here.

Safari Theme for Firefox

There are many themes that suppose to be like Safari, but the best theme I can find is GrApple Yummy. There are many versions of it and you may take a look before deciding which one suits your taste. I recommend GrApple Yummy as the theme.

Safari Style Address Bar

Do you see the progress displayed in the address bar? You can create that by using Fission addon. Later on you can configure the color of the bar, but most of time you don’t need to configure the color since it automatically use the default color matched to Safari style.

Top Sites Feature

While I’m not the fans of the top sites feature, I think I need to include the alternative for Firefox user. If you like the top sites feature in Safari and wish there is one in Firefox. You can get it with Foxtab. I can’t say this is the best addon since it is quite complicated during the configuration.

Firefox Top Sites

View PDF inside Browser

Firefox doesn’t have the capability to view PDF inside browser. So we’re going to install some addons to make it work.

Clean Up Your Toolbar

If you install some extra addons or Foxtab mentioned above, you’ll need to clean up some of the extra icons by going to view » toolbar » customize as seen below.

Customize Firefox Toolbars

Then drag the icon you don’t want to appear to the where many icons listed. You can also do the same to add icon to toolbar.

If you encounter any problem (I hope not), feel free to leave comment or contact me.