Fix YouTube 5 Extension Requiring Adobe Flash

No one like to play with Flash. Apart from being able to move near the speed of light, the heat produced is not welcomed by most of the Mac owners. Not even once I’ve missed Flash since its removal two years ago. Browsing experience on Safari has been great since that day.

Peaceful life doesn’t last long. Villains can always find a way to start a sequel. In the midst of streaming YouTube videos, this sudden error message below left me baffled.

 [YouTube Requires Adobe Flash][]

YouTube breaks YouTube 5. Luckily, all the active users are leaving comments on YouTube 5’s official page with dozen of suggestions. The temporaray fix is easy. Join YouTube Feather Beta and the extension will be back to normal.

Another benefit of joining YouTube Feather is you’ll get a clean video page without all the extra features. For people who simply want to watch videos, these features are useless.