Declutter Digital Shelf

The Comprehensive Guide to Decluttering Digital Shelf

Are you frowning whenever you look at the messy documents, passwords, and photos library? You shouldn’t let these items bother you. Take control and keep them organized.

By nature, we prefer an environment where we can stay focus on the tasks in hand. You don’t find this type of environment. You build it. Being a minimalist means to seek for the “just enough” working environment without being over-concerned with your tools.

You choose to organize and remove your items because you want to keep the distraction level low and the journey to enter the flow short. If you have trouble remembering the password you’ve created, or take a long time searching for the photos you’ve taken, it means you spend energy on mundane tasks.

The value of staying organized is to pave the way for you to search information and draw a meaningful insights in the most efficient way.

The guides is for you, if you want to…

  • Secure your passwords and keep the accessible from everywhere.
  • Organize and backup photos without relying on third-party apps.
  • Store notes in the way that can accommodate any kinds of usage.

About this series

This is a mini series guides I started in late July to create help people decluttering their digital library. I’ve finished the most important guide in securing passwords and is now available under the following Digital Library section.

I’ll write more guides upcoming weeks. You can stay updated by signing up for my weekly newsletter.

Digital Library


Learn the common mistakes people make when creating password, and the way to manage your passwords without sweat.

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Backup all your photos and open them with any photo editor you love. No more trouble exporting them when the app ceases to exist.

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Notes are meant to help you draw conclusion that supports your decision. It’s your knowledge bank. Keep them in order.

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