Best Lion Theme for Snow Leopard

With the Lion approaching in just a few days, it’s no wonder everyone will prepare their Snow Leopard for an upgrade. But, not in my case because I haven’t found any value in upgrading to Lion.

One of the reason is my MacBook doesn’t have multitouch support. I’ve tried Lion GM on my friend’s MacBook Pro and conclude several things.

  • My workflow doesn’t change even with gesture support.
  • I only use Expose, so Mission Control and Launchpad doesn’t increase my workflow.
  • I don’t like sidebar icons and the overall feel of Lion.

Basically, I feel that there are many things I won’t use later in Lion.

Of course, Lion is worth an upgrade, especially with the Mail 5 and many system enhancements. But, if there is one reason for me upgrading to Lion is the GUI because I’ve never liked Aqua style.

So, I’ve been searching and waiting patiently for someone to create a proper mod for Snow Leopard. A theme that fits perfectly with Snow Leopard and yet doesn’t overshadow default theme. Introducing…

Snow Lion Theme

If there is one thing I want to emphasize about using mod for your desktop is knowing who craft all these mods. Always telling them how you love the mod they made if you can.

Snow Lion

Snow Lion is a theme crafted by lukeedee to get similar button and progress bar in Lion. I can’t even believe that I’m on Snow Leopard after installing this theme. The button and progress bar alone add subtle difference to the whole OS.

Download: Official | Alternative


While the theme is very well made, I can’t deny that it doesn’t entirely convince me to use every elements in the theme. There some elements that I want to replace with other mods.

First, the menubar background. I hate glossy effect on menubar, it puts too much attention on menubar, causing distraction when I’m working with my desktop.

Second, while the title bar controls are very well made, I’m used to a minimalist version of traffic lights. And once again, it doesn’t distract me with those colorful buttons.

Last, since I’ve used a minimal mod for my iTunes. I also hope the scrollbar is consistent across whole system.

Combining All Elements

I can’t install them one by one because it’ll overlap each time you install a new theme. So I combined them all under one theme.

I know some of you might want the similar theme of mine. But I won’t be able to share it to you right now because I need permission from each respective mod owner in order to combine them. Once I have their permission, I’ll post the download link here.

So here are the sneak preview of my combined theme.

Snow Lion Theme Preview

Snow Lion Theme Preview 2