Best iTunes Lyrics App for Mac

♫ Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons in iTunes Music. First time listening this song, doesn’t know the lyrics, no way to sing along.

I gave up looking for the best app to display lyrics for iTunes.

Most of the commercial apps I’ve tried are either expensive or complicated. None of them are practical. Searching for lyrics should be simple — the optimal scenario would be displaying the correct lyrics without me exerting efforts.

I was wrong. There is one app that can save us from the chores of searching and saving. The best of all, it’s free.

DynamicLyrics, developed by Martian, is an iTunes sidekick which primary job is to display the lyrics of the playing song. If we judge an app from its icon, DynamicLyrics definitely won’t be able to compete with the rest of beautiful apps in Mac App Store, but, this wonderful app fills the large hole left by the iTunes — to show lyrics unobtrusively.

DynamicLyrics Preview

Unlike many apps that show the whole lyrics at once, DynamicLyrics only shows the singing part. There are two locations to show the lyrics: Desktop and Menu Bar. You can either choose the one you prefer or enable both locations. Menu bar is the preferred choice because lyrics on desktop will hinder our works. However, when you’re in the mood to sing along with your favorite song, enabling desktop lyrics will spice up the moment.

Smart Lyrics Detection

This is where the magic happens. Most of my iTunes collections are Chinese and Japanese songs. Searching for those songs’ lyrics with an app usually ends up with “no result” is search panel. But I rarely have this problem with DynamicLyrics. The accuracy is high, about 8 out of 10 the lyrics are correct, and most of those lyrics are well organized — no random circles, squares, or icons.

Here is a few questions to ponder. Have you ever feel frustrated because the lyrics need to be saved in the song first before displaying them with your chosen app? What if you use iTunes Music? How can we show those lyrics?

DynamicLyrics Menu Bar Items

Well, DynamicLyrics only need the artist and song title to show lyrics properly. There are a few things you can do after the lyric is shown. The most useful one is saving the lyrics directly to iTunes. This’ll save you from visiting information panel whenever you need to add lyrics into the song.

Since the source of the lyrics is in China, some of those lyrics are written in Chinese. You can find the English lyrics by searching manually from the menu bar for the lyrics in language you understand.

You can also copy the lyrics and share them with your friends. The most common choice is plain text format. Another format you can copy is LRC format that includes the timestamp of when a lyric should be shown.

Impressive Album Artworks Search

One of my favorite tips is using Growl and Bowtie to show track change notification. I’ve written a lot about Bowtie and Growl before, especially the list of beautiful Growl styles to decorate the desktop. But the key to gorgeous notification lies within the correct song title and album artworks.

DynamicLyrics Album Artworks Search Results

I used to search all the album artworks manually — either by googling images or visiting the official artist websites. The process isn’t difficult, but the problem lies with the quality of the image.

If you’re lucky, finding the right size album artworks (width is around 600px) only takes few minutes. You might need to make some changes if the image isn’t cropped properly. With DynamicLyrics, you can search and apply the album artworks to iTunes in one click. I still prefer to apply the album artwork manually, but this time I use DynamicLyrics to search for the album artworks.

Wrap Up

It’s unbelievable that DynamicLyrics is free. By polishing the user interface, most of the people will spend their money for this app. If you’re still looking for the best lyric app for iTunes, go ahead and download DynamicLyrics now.