Apple’s Battery

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes’ post on ZDnet:

Between the release of the iPad 2 last year and the announcement of the new iPad yesterday, Apple has nearly doubled the capacity of the battery, taking it from 25Wh to a massive 42Wh. Measured in milliamps this boosts the battery from 6944 mAh to a monstrous 11,666 mAh.

That’s one important thing. It means Apple has found a way to maintain battery life while equipping their products with the latest technology.

MG Siegler:

During the keynote, I noted that I remembered the days when my laptop battery would give out before an Apple keynote was over. It was only a few years ago. Yesterday, by the end of the event, my MacBook Air was at 65%. What if Apple is close to a 20-hour laptop?

A MacBook Air1 that can last more than 20 hours? It won’t be available this year, not so soon, considering the MacBook Air can only last 7 hours without Retina display. Unless, Apple doesn’t implement Retina display in their MacBook lineup.2

  1. MacBook Air is laptop to me.

  2. This year.