3 Bowtie Themes to Beautify Your Desktop

Music has become one of the core element in my computing experience. Turning on music while writing and doing assignment is a common daily event. Bowtie, an iTunes controller, is a jewel created to complete your desktop with its beautiful theming engine.

Several themes has sit on my desktop before the current one I use. The themes have to be in uniform with the desktop wallpaper. Some themes are suitable for darker background, while some themes are beautiful on wallpaper with vivid colors.

Exact 2.0

Exact 2.0, designed by Jesse Millar, is a simple pinned theme to one of the corner on your desktop. The font used in sliding animation fits perfectly and not obtrusive. Click the album artwork to display the song information. Rich color wallpaper always fits well with this theme.

Condensed Black

The most simple theme designed, Zukunft Condensed comes in two color. Condensed Black works well with lighter background. The choose of font is what makes me fall in love with it.

Condensed White

Condensed White fits well with darker background. It is very easy to match both of the color with the wallpaper you use.

Bowtie Themes

There are more themes you can install with the newest version of Bowtie. Hit preferences by right clicking the album artwork on desktop. Browse the theme and install theme. Alternatively, you can visit Bowcase.me for more themes.